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About Experts

1.  All our experts are verified and qualified. The registration process for freelancers isn’t easy. Once they register, Taskpecker organizes tests for them—relevant to their respective fields. They need to score more than 90% for approval.

2.  After passing the test, the experts are asked to share academic credentials and resume. We have different ways to verify their degrees and certificates.

3.  Taskpecker believes that a medium-size group of qualified experts can prevail over a large army of noobs who claim to be experts but don’t know anything. Outsourcing is strictly prohibited unlike other freelance marketplaces. On other platforms, there are hundreds of thousands of people who take project from a client and then they outsource it. The client thinks he has approached a qualified person. Unfortunately, he is proved wrong when handled by an agent. We have “Zero” agent policy.

4.  In addition to skills and ability, completing work as per the client’s deadline is of utmost important. All our experts are trained to meet your deadline.

5.  What makes Taskpecker unique is that we provide emergency-based services to the clients/buyers. If a client finds it difficult to find a freelancer online or free, our team can be approached. No matter what is the deadline or your task, we will help you to do it—unless it falls under the category of permitted work and doesn’t violate rules. We have contact numbers of the experts/freelancers. We will choose a few high-ranking experts for your work and call them even if they are offline.




        Payment options

Unlike other platforms, you can choose BTC to pay for the tasks. We are including different payment methods to make it easy for buyers. You can choose from the following payment methods:


Credit/Debit card



Upcoming payment methods:



TP coin


Bank Transfer

Western Union

However, freelancers can withdraw their earnings using one of the following methods:

Bank transfer






Escrow protection


Both the buyers and freelancers enjoy escrow protection. The money is released after the project has been completed as per requirements of the client—mentioned at the time of communication with the expert. The payment is released two days after successful completion of the project.


Dispute Resolution


Although, we have an effective mechanism to avoid disputes between the clients and experts, yet we are totally capable of handling complex disputes, quickly.

After failure of the two parties to resolve the dispute between themselves, they can approach the admins to solve the dispute. Dispute resolution mechanism: After hearing both parties and keeping the evidence in view, our team will make a decision. A win-win situation is created in normal or minor cases. In serious cases, the team can warn, suspend account or ban one or both users.

Before deciding about fate of the dispute, Taskpecker always check credibility, ranking and reviews of both parties. If someone got the habit of going to dispute for personal gains, he/she will be removed without any notice.

Tip: The best way to avoid disputes is making sure you understand the requirements and nature of your work as a buyer/client and expert/freelancer. If you do not understand the requirements then do not award it to any expert till you do. If the buyer isn’t sure of requirements then do not take it. Wait. Do not agree to take the project unless you have checked all the requirements. Do not act like those on other platforms who agree quickly without checking the requirements and then cannot meet the deadline because of complex nature of the task.

“Honesty is the best policy.” It is also the policy of Taskpecker. Be honest. 

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