Selling on Taskpecker

Selling on Taskpecker

Taskpecker is anemerging freelance marketplace that focuses on specialized area. If you are an expert in these areas, you can exhibit your talent to the clients on Taskpecker.

What makes Taskpecker different from other platforms?

1.    We do not charge high commission fee.

2.    In case of “Dispute between the client and an expert” we analyze evidence. Like other platforms, we do not always decide in favor of clients. We believe that fair work deserves fair wage and respect.

3.    We have a credible verification system to verify the freelancers. Thus, only the talented ones become our part. We do not let the trash in—like other marketplaces.

4.    We got more payment options. Freelancers can choose one of many payment options.

5.    We provide internship to experts as well. Taskpecker is a registered organization with different government bodies.



How to start growing on Taskpecker?

Follow the following steps:

·       Create your free account.

·       Wait for approval and instructions from the admin. You will receive an email with instructions tell you how to verify yourself as an expert.


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