Expert Levels

Guide To Seller Levels

Your seller level is based on your performance—monthly basis. Delivery of high-quality services on time can take to the top-level on Taskpecker, and help you get more traffic and orders. Avoid sharing email or contact numbers with your clients/buyers. If anyone found violating the terms of services, their account will be banned, and their earnings will be seized. There is no room for plagiarism or copyrights violation. Taskpecker has got your back. We protect all the experts against possible exploitation or scam by buyers. Therefore, we encourage the freelancers to contact our support team anytime to report discrimination, scam, racism or rights’ violation.


New Seller


New Seller easily get discouraged after a few weeks. Persistence pays. Therefore, we encourage you to stay online and be persistent. Taskpecker can award you paid projects/tasks to check your skills and encourage you as well.

Here are some more information: When you create a Proposal on Taskpecker, you’re automatically ranked as a New Seller. We encourage you to deliver your best work and service to move up to the next level.


Level 1

As compared to other marketplaces, it is easy to achieve Level 1 status on Taskpecker. We believe in empowerment of hardworking experts/freelancers.

What do you need to achieve Level 1 Status?

To reach Level 1 you need 90% positive ratings (in percentage).

No. of orders required to be completed to become level one seller is 15.


Level 2

Level 2 sellers are the shining stars on Taskpecker. They get specialized support and training from our team.

To reach Level 2, you need 95% positive ratings (in percentage).

You need to complete 40 orders.


Top Rated Seller

They are the best among best. They enjoy more privileges because of high-quality work, customer satisfaction and persistence.  Their proposals are featured to increase their traffic. They get special attention and support.

Positive ratings (in percentage) required to become Top Rated Seller: 99%

No. of orders required to be completed to become Top RatedSeller:60

Extra Tips and Warnings !

1: Do not share contact number, email, Facebook, WhatsApp ID with buyers. Most of the buyers have cheated the hardworking freelancers because their was no one in the middle as a guarantor. We guarantee that you will get paid for tireless efforts and precious time.

2: Taskpecker has the right to warn or ban users and freeze their earnings if found violating the Terms and Conditions including the above part (engaging and communicating with buyers or asking them to do so outside the platform).

3: Always ask the buyer for complete requirements. Make sure you understand requirements before taking the project/task. Without getting complete list of requirements, you will be unable to deliver the task on time. It can result in dispute and bad reviews as well as rating.

4: Outsourcing of tasks is strictly prohibited. You were allowed as professional. Stay that way. If we found that you are acting as an agent, we will ban you. We have a strict security mechanism, therefore, you won’t be able to join us again.

5: Know your freelancer (KYF) You will be asked to share different documents during the registration process. Taskpecker as the platform and the buyers have the right to know if you are really qualified. KYF has been designed to help the hardworking and honest experts. It is aimed to discourage agents who outsource work.

6: Fake Reviews:We will ban accounts of all those freelancers and buyers who are engaged in getting and selling fake reviews. We consider it cheating and a serious offense. We have a mechanism to trace fake reviews. Therefore, stay honest.

7: Projects by Taskpecker: To encourage and support experts and buyers, Taskpecker can get projects from buyers directly and award it to deserving freelancers.

8: Promotion: You can encourage the new or returning buyers by giving them special discounts through promo codes. You can create promo codes and share it with your clients. You can also promote your proposal by featuring it. Marketing and promotion do help to attract more potential clients. You can use referral option as well.

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