Choosing best expert

Choosing the best freelancer


Taskpecker has verified all the freelancers. We do not let students or people with no experience to join us. We believe in quality. Quantity doesn’t matter. A small group of qualified and talented experts can prevail over large army of unqualified freelancers.

Our freelancers went through different steps to make it here.


1-    Their academic credentials were checked. It is important to know that they are who they claim to be.

2-    They were given tests related to their respective fields. Those who scored over 90% in the exam were granted permission to join Taskpecker.

3-    They were interviewed by our experts in order to let only those who believe in serving people.


Tips for hiring outstanding freelancer:


1-    You can choose from the featured services. Taskpecker chooses the best among best to get featured.

2-    Check out the feedback from other buyers/clients to know if the freelancer is able to complete your job.

3-    Talk to the freelancer—it’s free. You can discuss about almost anything you want. We do not restrict ideas or your freedom.

4-    You can ask the freelancer for coupons to get concession. Most of them have created coupons for new and returning clients.

5-    Get in touch with the support team if you cannot find a freelancer for your specialized task. We will help you no matter what the project is.



Escrow protection:


Your payment is safe and secure. We do not transfer it directly to the freelancer’s account. You will enjoy two days escrow protection even after order completion.


Payment options:


Your can choose from our multiple payment system. You can also pay with BTC. Create a free account or keep in touch for more payment options.

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